Labs Offering Oxidized-LDL Test
Shiel laboratory Sample Results
What Is The Preferred Sample Type?

* Serum - One (1) Spun SST tube

* Minimum is 0.5mL Serum

*Alternative is 0.5mL plasma: Lavender Top (EDTA)      tube or a Green Top (heparin) tube

Can A Patient Order The Tests?

Your Provider must contact Shiel.com or ClevelandHeartLab.com for them to place an order for you

Can My Lab Offer The Test?

Yes, but there are requirements, please contact us for more information


What Is The Stability Of The Sample?

* Preferably Refrigerate Sample

* Room Temperature: 7 Days

* Refrigerated: 14 Days

* Frozen: 1 Year

What Is The Reimbursement Rate?

* CPT Code 83516

* Medicare Reimbursement approximately $17.88

* Medicaid Reimbursement approximately $12.88

What Is The Kit?

* Mercodia charge is $750 per microtiter plate kit

* Kit contains 96 wells with 6 calibrators and 2 controls

* Kit storage is 2-8 celsius

* Kit shelf life is approximately 6 months

What Are The QC Requirements?

* Calibrators and controls should be run with each plate,  and records kept accordingly

* Calibrator/control records meet PT requirements

* Mercodia has a 6 months interchange program

How Do We Run The test?

* Standard microtiter assay (shaker etc). Most important  is the dilution and corresponding vortexing of specimen

* Prefered automated system is Dynex Technologies DSX

How Do We Validate The Test?

* The test can be validated and verified by comparing two  competing equipment systems. Use standard test kit,  run under normal working conditions. Double check  pipetting


What Are The Benefits To Patients?

* Improved diagnostic and measurement of treatment.It  is remarkable how many patients will alter their  lifestyles and change their diets when a doctor shows  them their results in an understandable format,


What Are The Treatment Options?

* Lowering oxLDL, and thus CAD, is attainable through conventional treatments (dietary/lifestyle changes plus statins, if required).  Thus the oxLDL test results should be especially useful in monitoring patients receiving dietary/lifestyle changes and therapeutic lipid lowering medications.  it is noteworthy that the effects of change can be measured as early as thirty days.


Why is Oxidized LDL important?

* It is interesting to look at the changes to personal health taking place across the World.  We are seeing more and more data on the benefits of low oxLDL. It is easy to see the effects of unstable plaque and the corresponding cascading effects of small clots throughout the body. Lower oxidized LDL promotes longevity.


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National Screening Institute (NSI) has the exclusive world-wide rights to oxidized LDL and malondialdehyde (MDA)-modified LDL antibodies and corresponding technology developed by Professor Paul Holvoet at the University of Leuven, Belgium.